Arcane Dance #1

Enjoying drifting

There is something coming, something waiting to manifest and it feels out of our control, we may not even be aware of it. With a head in the clouds, acting without much thought as to consequence and without particular attention to our footing, move lightly.
On this uneven ground that mimics water, with the uncertainty of what is to come and and the unknown of that which is waiting around the corner under the veil of the future, be gentle to yourself. That is such strength. Don't force an end, for you won't find one. And whilst many places and people declare certainty with a kind of exclusivity that can feel ostracizing, their law is not your own. Accept this fluidity and impermanence, it's not going to last.

Even your understanding of your own emotion is changing, and with a throne built on the beach it is frequently turned to drift wood with the swell of the tide, taken back into ocean and built again. Wait, this is waiting in flux.
And whilst the devil waits beneath to manifest the earthly future, so the sun shines above. Everything is magic, everything divine, the garden of eden is lived and only has to be permissed to be walked in.
Whilst we can't force the future to hurry, we can be present here and now and hold that as enough, so drift, and enjoy it.